Friday, December 1, 2017

Thenar Flap Pulp defect of Middle Finger

Thenar Flap

Indication :

Tip /Pulp defects of Index and Middle finger.


Lax skin suitable in old age and women
Not to be used in manual labourers.

Planning and preparation of defect


Incision is made over the thenar grease and towards the palm.
Subcutaneous tissue is included upto muscle dissection done.
Careful not to injure the digital nerve to thumb.


1:1 ratio is allowed. Inset is given tip and the edges.

Flap Elevation and flap inset into defect


Closure of the donor defect is done before giving inset.

Final Suture line of thenar flap


Scar tenderness
Flap necrosis.

Follow up:

Division at 14th day
Flap return
Scar massage.

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