Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Trigger Finger Demonstration Video of Surgical Release


This case has a Trigger of Middle finger,which gets stuck as he tries to flex and extend the finger.
Trigger  is a condition where there is a nodule in the flexor tendon and flexor sheath.This occurs usually proximal to A1 pulley of the flexor canal,this prevent it from gliding forward.

Incision is made over the mcpjt level at the skin crease level. A1 pulley is  completely removed along with the nodule of the flexor tendon.Note the free movement of finger.
No rem anent of A1 pulley to be left apart and superficial layer of the flexor tendon need to be removed. 

Wound is closed with ethilon simple stitches. Mobilization of the patient finger can be started immediately post surgery at 10th day sutures are removed followed with scar massage.
Cause for this nodule is related to diabetes mellitus and hard manual labour situation.
Patient are well satisfied on table seeing the results, their finger moving well without any resitance.

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